The reason I stopped using latex waist trainers was because as a Mom of two, I found that my pelvic floor has gotten weaker. This is why I switched over to the Nicolette Shapewear Powernet waist cinchers to help me in my waist training journey.

The material isn’t as strong and high compression as a regular waist trainer, but it gets the job done in molding my mom bod to a beautiful, hourglass shape that I crave when wearing a tradional latex waist trainer. As a mom, I had the feeling of uncomfort suddenly when wearing my waist trainer recently. I have been using a classic latex waist trainer for years, but this is the first time I felt such discomfort. I don’t want to push myself more than I should so to prevent health complications, I switched over to a more mom friendly waist trainer.

That is:
Smooth Powernet Waist Cincher NS006

If you are a mom who has experienced somethin similar I highly suggest this!

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