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Your Body Back Slimming Cream is not a permanent solution but a jump start to your waist training process. While waist training, you should drink as much water as possible. The waist trainer is going to help you sweat and remove toxins. The Slimming Cream is going to make you sweat in the abdomen during your workout over 4x’s what you would normally sweat. This speeds up the flushing process.

How to Use

Before your workout, liberally apply Your Body Back Slimming Cream to your abdomen area. Put on your waist trainer, and work out using sweat-producing exercises for at least 30 minutes.

Your Body Back Slimming Cream acts as a blanket on the skin, causing heat to be trapped, allowing you to sweat more and burn inches quickly in these trouble areas.

For quicker results, apply the Slimming Cream and then cover the area with clear wrap and then the waist trainer on top.