new formullaaa
formula name: easy pill
so as it says, it is alot more of a simplified formula so ur brain can take it easy peasy and get the most results while not stressing out alot. thai formula is very good for people who are sensitive to subs and easily get headaches. this formula is just as powerful asothers or might even proove to be even more powerful as it makes ur subconscious take in affs since they are easy and not stressful or forcing

waist is extremely tiny
waist diameter is 0.001 cms
All the fat from waist has been sucked out permanently giving the tiniest waist to ever exist on this planet or any other
extremely tight 11-line abs that look perfect
extremely tiny and fat-less waist that is so tiny that anyone can wrap their hands around it
waist is clearly the skinniest, tiniest, most cinched, gorgeous, beautiful and ideal waist to ever exist
waist has extremely tight, gorgeous, smooth, ideal, corrected skin
waist has utmost most gorgeous skin and abs to ever exist
waist has extreme waist trainer effect
waist looks like u have been wearing a very tight corset for 100+ years