Sandpuppy Shape Activ is a waist training corset and a perfect companion for all your workouts. The Sandpuppy Shape Activ waist trainer enhances core training during workouts and helps burn that excess flab around the waist.

The Lycra material provides that extra stretch and comfort, while the foam within helps to trap the heat generated during workouts and aids in faster fat burn. The foam also helps hold the body heat 30 mins post-workout, thus giving prolonged effectiveness of fat burn.

The light Lycra knit material with smooth zippers makes it easy to wear and take off. The Velcro closure provided allows extra cinching and helps with size adjustment to provide a snug fit for this waist trainer.

WAIST TRAINER/SHAPER: Flattens the tummy and holds the core during workouts. Help lose belly fat faster and sculpts the waistline. Lightweight material provides extra comfort and easy movement.

FAT BURNER & TUMMY TUCKER: Suitable for sports, cycling, running, gymming, and weight lifting. The belt targets the midsection, makes you sweat during fitness workouts and stimulates faster abdomen fat burning.

LUMBAR SUPPORT – Featured with 3 steel bones, the belt functions as an effective lumbar back support and also helps in maintaining the right posture during workouts.

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SandPuppy Shape Activ

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