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There’s an ongoing debate going on about whether or not women should sleep with their waist trainers. It probably stems from the age when women used to wear corsets and damaged their organs in the process.
However, that was literally a few hundred years ago. You should know that with time, things have changed drastically.

Not only will a waist trainer not harm you, but it can have positive effects beyond those you initially went for like slimming down and shaping your body into a curvy, beautiful feminine shape.

Many women have reported that cinchers and waist trainers force them to sit with a straight back and stop crouching when they’re walking or working on a computer.

That means no more scoliosis! And also much less back pain for women with bigger breasts because there are types of trainers that help to support them much better than a normal bra does.

But how often should you wear a waist trainer? The answer depends on what kind of results you’re going for. If it’s a special occasion, you’ll only have to wear it for a few hours that day. However, if you want to lose weight, you’ll need to enroll in a regimen of slimming down.

And if you want to change your body shape, you’ll have to wear it permanently, for an extended period. If you are not able to wear your waist trainer during the day, then you can just wear it at night when you’re sleeping.

How long should you wear a waist trainer to start to see results? Results depend on a few things like the type of body you have, how long you wear the corset, if you wear it every day or not and, your lifestyle.

That answer wasn’t really helpful, I know. So here’s a better one (but take it with a pinch of salt): if you wear your waist trainer 10 hours or more every day for about 8 weeks, exercise, and eat correctly, you should be able to see the desired results. If it takes longer, then just be patient and kind to your body.

In conclusion: yes, you certainly can sleep in a waist trainer. And you should because modern cinchers help relieve back pain, prevent scoliosis, and provide support. All that while giving you an amazing figure you could be showing off on a red carpet!

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