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Size Small
Color Black
Material Neoprene
Brand Reamphy
Closure Type Zipper

About this item
Zipper closure
Flatten abdomen Slim the waist More sweat out when exercise then fat burning Lumbar support Postpartum recovery Protecting spine Correct posture Posture standing erect training Keep warm in the cold
Daily wear under clothes-make perfect curve,Comfortable and soft neoprene fabric, touching smoothly, It’s very comfortable for all day wearing and just like you are wearing nothing.
2 adjustable shoulder straps & 3 row hooks and zipper double closure design,easy to adjust and make it tighter or looser when you need.
This women waist trainer with U collar design it can holds the chest and pulls the chest up to prevent sagging of the chest and effectively shape the chest curve.
PLEASE NOT: If you are allergic to neoprene, we advise you not to wear this product.

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