Have you heard all the buzz about waist trainers lately? People who are serious about erasing inches from their waistlines have been strapping on these slimming belts to burn belly fat fast while they exercise. It works by raising your core temperature so you sweat bullets—kind of like wearing a sauna to the gym.

A waist trainer that sucks you in without pinching and fully delivers on its fat-burning promise is the holy grail.

GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap | Electronic Waist Trainer is not your mother’s corset. It’s made of super-stretchy neoprene fabric with a breathable mesh backing, and it’s designed to fit your body like a glove and has a double-adjustment hook-and-loop system so you can customize it to your shape.

Fastened securely around your waist, the thick fabric produces heat that triggers your mid-section to sweat off fat and calories profusely, helping you trim away your tummy and love handles each and every time you work out. Combined with a healthy diet and a decent dose of discipline, the GYM IN A BOX Waist Trainer can even help you whittle your waist into an hourglass almost in an instant!

While the GYM IN A BOX Electronic Waist Trainer Massager Corset is not meant to be worn as a shapewear, plenty of fans do wear the slimming belt for extra abdominal and lumbar support. Thanks to its comfort-fit, you can wear it all day to relieve pain and pressure or even improve your posture. It’s a favorite for new moms looking to train their way to a pre-baby figure, too.

“I gained 30 lbs last year and I went from a size 2-4 to a 8-10,” wrote a client.
“ I needed this to help boost my toning in the gym and it helps, you will sweat buckets and burn fat in your mid-section if you wear this during a cardio workout. I also use it for weight training because it gives your back extra support.”

“This thing is an instant life changer!” Wrote another happy customer. “From the moment I put it on I knew this product was going to be a game changer in my weight loss journey. I…saw the instant effect (around 4 inches off my waist), noticed the constant reminder not to slouch, felt the heat building , the muscle contraction and all around gained confidence that this was something I could do!”

“I’ve had it on for six hours and I see results already,” wrote one thrilled shopper.
“I’m literally sweating sitting down. I’ve bought a lot of waist trainers and none of them were like this…Thank you finally somebody with an affordable wearable fitness tech product that actually works.”

The GYM IN A BOW Electronic Massager Corset Trainer might just be the best $200 you’ve ever spent on your health and fitness—and the key to getting back into your favorite pair of jeans.

Get yours here: www.GymInABox.la