Corsets are seen by some as a fashion item. Others think it as a fetish. There are those who have corsets for medical reasons.

Each of these groups has very different knowledge of and experience with corsets. For many people their knowledge comes from the ways media portrays corsets. That portrayal is often not accurate to the facts or historical context.

For example Pirates of the Caribbean depicts Elizabeth Swan (Kiera Knightly) as being unable to breath in her corset when forced to dress up. This leads to her fainting. The problem is that this historically inaccurate.

Others have looked into the historical element with far greater knowledge and expertise than us. As a result we focused on modern corsets and the general image people hold.

Modern, mass production corsets, when not historically accurate or customised, are very different. They are made from steel, synthetic fibres and capable of exerting far more force. Further to this the modern corset is not made with the appropriate redirection of force sin mind. It is often an entirely fashion focused product.

This creates a nexus in which the corsets worn today can cause the body to be impacted in unusual and uncomfortable ways. This is a result of the corset not yielding to the body but resisting efforts to move.

If it is made to historical deigns and standards the issues are different. These corsets are often much better suited to regular use. They yield to forces from the body and move with the body. This allows the corset to disperse forces in a way that does not cause harm.

There is another category. Medical or prosthetic corsets. These are often used for back problems. This includes spondylosis, tears, sprains and strains. The corset use din this case removes the forces from the back. They then direct this force to other parts of the body.

By taking the forces away from the spine, or other parts of the body, the spine and muscles can recover. This can also be used to shape the spine by applying forces to the spine and muscles. This can correct posture or malformed anatomical features.

The totality of the unhealthy or healthy arguments about corsets falls into 3 categories. These are the mass produced generic corsets, customised and historically accurate corsets and medical corsets. Each has ways it is healthy and unhealthy in certain circumstances.