Small Waist Beginners Guide to Waist Training

Thinking of purchasing a waist trainer but don’t know where to begin? What size do you get? What kind of waist trainer should you purchase? Where should you purchase? What is Seasoning your waist trainer? I have got you covered, down to the basics so you know exactly how and where to start on your waist training journey. I personally love waist training and have been doing so since I birthed my two beautiful girls. In the last 4 years I have always depended on waist training postpartum, and even asked for a waist trainer as a Christmas gift after my first daughter!

In this video, I discuss my personal waist training goals to get a tiny waist, and I am still on my way! To help other mommies/ interested waist trainees out there, I wanted to make a video for those who don’t know how to waist train, and help you get started on your on postpartum waist training journey!

Products Mentioned in the video:
Sports Latex Waist Trainer:
Powernet Waist Cincher:

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