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Figure 8 consists of simple yet extremely powerful techniques that hold the key to unleashing your full belly fat burning potential!

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Before I was so uncomfortable to wear bikinis. Every time I had them on, I was trying to suck my belly in. I didn’t want to sit down because I had a terrible belly roll. Now I’m complete opposite. I’m the first person to run when ever there is a pool party. I love to show my new sexy body now. Now I love to wear tight dresses and show of my sexy curves.

For any person who doubts that they cannot lose weight, I can honestly say, They CAN do this! You start seeing results immediately. This program will change your life. I totally believe in Figure 8.

When I first started Figure 8, I was really skeptical. I thought to myself, all the testimonials on the website are fake but I had nothing to lose so I wanted to test it.

When I first noticed results it was about a month into the program. I knew from the scale that I was losing pounds and my neighbors and friends started commenting.

I started Figure 8 because in my life at that point nothing was working and my body was just getting bigger and bigger. What I was really hoping was to concentrate on my mid-section because I’ve had that ugly roll hanging over my jeans for so many years. I was shocked to see the 8 week results – I lost 24 pounds and 6 inches off of my waist, which is fantastic!!!!

I can honestly say Figure 8 has specifically attacked my belly fat. It was so cool to watch the belly fat shrink from week to week. Belly fat is the hardest place to lose and I did it in just 8 weeks.

Figure 8 is awesome, I love it because now I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. Figure 8 has change my body and it has changed my life! I would say that anyone who wants to try this program, stop procrastinating and start NOW! Figure 8 System is the program that will give you results!


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